Arts and Sciences

A professional development model

Due to the size of Arts & Sciences, training opportunities are undertaken in a variety of ways.

  • Faculty, Hourly, Operational, and Professional employees are encouraged to take advantage of professional and personal development opportunities offered on campus by Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounts Payable, CommonHealth, and other groups. Employees are encouraged to attend training as their schedules permit and supervisors are encouraged to accommodate any reasonable on-campus request for time to attend training and professional development events.
  • The Director of Administration & Finance for the Dean of Arts & Science facilitates 2-3 meetings per semester for A&S departmental administrative staff. The 1½ hour sessions are typically held as brown-bag lunch meetings where the Dean’s office provides light refreshments. They may consist of targeted training on particular topics, new policies and procedures, or general information-sharing among the departmental staff. The Director may facilitate the session or invite a guest speaker.
  • The A&S Dean’s office may provide limited funding for training in targeted areas if a valuable external training opportunity is advised, such as a grant administration workshop. If funding is provided for external training, the Dean’s office asks that the participants return to share their knowledge with others in Arts & Sciences at, for example, the administrative staff meeting noted above.
  • Individual academic departments may fund external training for their departmental staff as appropriate to their positions, and as departmental funding permits.

For more information contact [[dmcampbell, Darlene Campbell]].