PeopleAdmin is the College of William & Mary's online position management and recruitment system for updating job descriptions, requesting a job classification review, and for hiring new employees.  To begin the process of recruitment, an approved position description is required.  Every department has an assigned member of the Compensation Team to assist you in the position management system and a member of the Employment Team to assist with the recruitment system.  Please refer to the Contact List below to find your Compensation and Employment Contacts.

Compensation and Employment Contact List (pdf)

As of July 1, 2013 the Office of Human Resources is responsible for the recruitment and hiring for professional positions along with staff positions.  The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity will continue to manage the recruitment and hiring process for Instructional and Executive positions.  Please refer to the summary provided for an explanation of the changes to the Staff and Professional search process.

Staff-PPF Recruitment Process Summary (pdf)