Employee Onboarding FAQs

Does this apply to Instructional Faculty new hires? 
  • Instructional faculty receive a customized Benefit Orientation in August.  Their College Orientation is conducted through their Department.
  • The once a month College Orientation is open to Hourly, Full-Time Operational, Professional/Professional Faculty, however Post Doc, Grant Funded and Faculty are welcome to attend.
  • There are two versions of the of Benefit Orientations offered twice a month.  The morning session is customized for Full-Time Operational employees.  The afternoon session is customized for Professional/Professional Faculty, Post Doc, Grant Funded and Faculty.  Hourly employees do not attend a Benefit Orientation.

Will HR continue to offer the new faculty orientation and benefits fair that is usually scheduled in August? If so, what is the schedule?
  • Human Resources will continue the August Instructional Faculty Benefits Orientation and the Benefits Fair. 

What type of employee completes an I-9? 
  • Federal law requires all employees complete the employee portion (Section 1) of an I-9 no later than their first day of employment.  Using the online I-9 website, a new employee can completed Section 1 as soon as an offer of employment is made.  This requirement is for all new hires of the College.

Is the department now responsible for the payroll forms too?
  • No - the forms on the website so that an employee can print them and complete them prior to starting the job. 
  • If the employee does not do this prior to the start of their job, the Payroll Office will go over the information during the Benefit Orientation.

Why does the department need to provide the employee their complimentary parking pass rather than have Human Resources issue this pass?
  • Human Resources will have a supply of the complimentary five day parking pass to issue new employees. 
  • However departments have the ability to start employees on any day, not just the 10th and 25th of the month.  We thought it would be important for departments to also have the ability to obtain the complimentary parking pass for the new hire. 
  • The goal was to not put the new hire in jeopardy of getting a parking ticket while working through their first week of employment and not to require that only the department provide the complimentary parking pass.