Safe Hire Training

Anyone serving on a Search Committee for a Professional recruitment is required to complete this training every two years. Human Resources recommends any individual who serves on an interview panel to also complete this training.  This training program is focused to help reduce liability associated when bad hiring decisions are made.  These can be unsafe, illegal or just not appropriate which can result in legal costs, issues with perceptions from prospective employees and students, and finally bad hires cost money.

The training is offered in several ways to best address your needs. You can request this presentation be provided to your entire Search Committee or Interview Panel by your Employment Specialist working with you on your Professional or Staff recruitment.  We also offer it in a PowerPoint show or a narrated version of the program for you to view at your desk.  If you have any questions please contact Joy Payne at

Safe Hire Training for Search Committees - narrated video

Safe Hire Training for Search Committees (ppsx)