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Electronic Personnel Action Forms

EPAFs (Electronic Personnel Action Forms) allow certain types of personnel transactions to be completed electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms to be circulated from one office to another.  Each EPAF transaction is created, submitted, and approved through Banner Self-Service.  Once fully approved, an EPAF is saved or "applied" to Banner by Human Resources.

If you are using an EPAF to hire a Graduate Assistant (GA), please keep in mind the following:

  • A person's SSN must exist in Banner prior to submitting an EPAF to hire him or her. 
    - Although the EPAF can be created and saved, it won't submit successfully without a SSN in Banner.
  • If an employee needs to do an I9, the EPAF must be created prior to the verification of the I9.
    - If a student needs to apply for a SSN, once it is received, it will need to be entered into the I9 system. 
    - It should also be entered into Banner at this time.  If you don't have access to do this, please contact HR.

The information below includes presentations, videos, and documents which are relevant to different audiences.  If you have questions about using EPAFs for your department's or school's transactions, please contact Human Resources.

General Information