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Flourishing and Adapting

Innovation Station ~ What are your thoughts or ideas?

Flourishing and Adapting

William & Mary's mission requires that the entire community work together as stewards of the core values that infuse our collective effort.  The Innovation Station allows our community to work together and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world around us.  Within the Innovation Station we are able to focus on the these key values that are set forth by the university:


We aim for the extraordinary, recognizing that personal growth and meaningful accomplishment require bold and innovative aspirations, courageous risk-taking, and focused effort.


We create conditions that ensure William & Mary will thrive for all time coming, and we empower those who live, learn, and work here to make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.


We engage with individuals and communities both near and far, devoting our knowledge, skills, and time to serving the greater good.