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Web Time Entry

Employee Self-Service

Most employees at William & Mary are expected to submit their timesheets online using Banner's Employee Self-Service (ESS). Employees use ESS to complete timesheets and check benefits and leave balances. You can access ESS by visiting myW&M and selecting the Banner icon.

Reporting Leave: Hours and Minutes

Leave can only be reported in 15 minute increments, with a minutes to hours conversion as follows:

15 minutes = 0.25 hours
30 minutes = 0.50 hours
45 minutes = 0.75 hours

Guide for Submitting Changes/Corrections to Web Timesheets

In order to help you with the preparation and submission of manual timesheets, some guidelines are listed below to help make this process clearer and easier.

Whenever a change or correction to a web timesheet is needed because of a change in leave taken or overtime hours worked, the employee needs to send a corrected manual timesheet (pdf) along with a copy of the submitted web timesheet to Human Resources.  At the bottom of the manual timesheet, check and give reason why a manual sheet is being submitted. This explanation is critical for audit purposes.

Manual timesheet form (pdf)

The Request for Approval to Take Leave Sheet is not to be sent to Human Resources, this form is for supervisor approval and the supervisor is to keep as a back-up to the web timesheet. 

FLSA timesheets have been replaced with the web timesheet and are no longer to be used and sent to Human Resources. If the leave can not be put on the web timesheet during that pay period, then the manual timesheet along with an explanation should be completed, printed by the employee, approved by the supervisor and sent with a copy of the web timesheet for that pay period.

Please print the web timesheet in landscape mode-this can be done by going to File\Print\Properties\Advanced and under Layout Options, click on Portrait and change to Landscape.