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Development Support Fund

Applications for for the Development Support Fund are on hiatus due to the financial conditions of the university during COVID. We will post a notice both here and in the Digest when funding will again be available for employees.

W&M values your contributions and strengths. Taking charge of your learning and professional development is vital to your success at W&M. Through the support fund, we want to encourage your continued growth. Currently, we have three rounds of funding to disperse $25,000 (total, for the entire year). We generally award a little over $8,000 per cycle. Individual and team award amounts vary depending on the pool of applications. In general, applications will be due on the following schedule:

March 15 -- Applications due for Summer events (May - August)

July 15 -- Applications due for Fall events (September - December)

November 15 -- Applications due for Spring events (January - April)


Those who were successful in obtaining funding are required to complete a form detailing their learning experience.

Development Support Fund Information by Topic
What is the Development Support Fund (DSF)?

Although W&M has a training and development department, some employees need specialized education and training which cannot be met by an internal source. To meet this need, the Staff and Professional & Professional Faculty Assemblies applied and were granted money from the Board of Visitors to set up a supplemental fund. 

The purpose of the fund is to help employees and teams cover some of the costs associated with conferences, online courses, tuition at community colleges, etc. The goal is for Departments or individuals to also provide funding, thus allowing more people to attend more learning opportunities. However, if a department does not have the funds to match the request, you should still apply.

Fund recipients are expected to work closely with their respective Business Managers to comply with W&M Travel, fiscal and other applicable policies.

Pre-approval from your supervisor is required for upcoming events.

Who is eligible?

Full-time and permanent part-time classified, operational, professional and professional faculty W&M employees are eligible for the supplemental funds.

Team Application -- When more than one member of your group/department are applying for the same event, submit a Team Application. Teams can also be formed across campus, representing various departments. If funded, funds will be granted to the group and will be distributed accordingly by your supervisor or department chair, or arrangements among cross-functional teams.

Individual Application -- Individuals who are NOT applying as part of a group can submit an application.

NOTE: If your application is successful, only one application per person per year will be funded. You may not submit an individual application and be part of a team submission. You may apply for another round of funding if you were not granted funds during a previous application round.

Instructional faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students, interns, temporary and summer-time employees are not eligible. Because VIMS has their own professional development fund, VIMS employees are also not eligible for this funding.

What activities are eligible?
  • Conference/workshop/symposium
  • Online workshop/course (non-credit)
  • Tuition-based course outside of W&M (non-degree seeking)

Requests must demonstrate how the event supports your individual professional development plan through improving performance in your current position. Teams must demonstrate how the team learning will benefit William & Mary.

What activities are not eligible?
  • The fund is not intended for W&M courses offered through the Employee Education Assistance Program.
  • Software or Software Licensing.
  • Membership fees for associations/organizations/clubs.
  • Professional Licensing fees
When are applications accepted?

Applications are currently not being accepted due to the pandemic .

Application Process
  1. The DSF Committee will send an announcement to the campus via the W&M Digest, the Staff Assembly website and the PPF Assembly website when the application form is available.
  2. If interested in applying, and for the sake of transparency, you must seek supervisor’s approval prior to completing the form.
  3. If your request is approved by your supervisor, complete and submit the application form by the posted deadline. We have streamlined the application to make it quicker and easier to complete.  A list of public computer labs is being made available so employees who do not have a computer in their work area can still apply for funding.
  4. The DSF Committee will consider each eligible request. Approval or denial will be based on the criteria met per our guidelines.
  5. The Committee Coordinator will then send an email to all applicants with the committee’s final decision. Your supervisor and business manager will be copied on this email.
How are the awards distributed?

Once the committee has determined the award recipients you will receive the award letter. Your business manager will also be notified. Instructions will be provided on how to access the funds.

Reimbursement Deadlines -- All items to be reimbursed must be submitted to Judy Schatzel ( within 30 days of the last day of your learning opportunity.

In the event that you cannot attend the event, you must notify us no later than 30 days prior to the travel or event date in order to make these funds available to another applicant. Failure to notify the Committee Chair (Babs Bengtson - via e-mail will result in ineligibility to apply for funding the following year.

Learning Follow-up

Within a month of the completion of the event, recipients must submit a brief report to the DSF Committee describing the professional benefits of your recent activity. A form has been created for this purpose.

Approving Committee
Members of the Development Support Fund Committee:
  • Bacon, Jessica
  • Bengtson, Babs, Chair
  • Burk, Chelsey
  • Davis, Tamekka K
  • Destiny Elliott
  • Dutro, John
  • Garrison, Eric
  • Morales, David
  • Rowe, Salley
  • Taylor, Crystal
APPLY Online

Applications are currently not being accepted due to the pandemic.

Have a question?

Contact the DSF Committee Chair with any questions you may have:
Babs Bengtson
(757) 221-1845