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Learning Forward

Strategic Learning for the 21st Century

William & Mary convenes great minds and hearts to meet the most pressing needs of our time. If our world ever needed what William & Mary has to offer, it is now. Yesterday’s answers won’t suffice. Yesterday’s knowledge, skills and abilities won’t meet today’s challenges. We need new and broader ways of thinking and working. Together, we can transcend the traditional boundaries of academic scholarship and professional development to bring the best of William & Mary to a world that needs new and different answers for a new and different time.

Introductions to the Learning Forward Series
Four Competencies

William & Mary has identified four competencies to equip all faculty and staff for the challenges and opportunities we are facing now and for the near future. Select a competency to find event details and registration info, speaker biographies, and additional resources:

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Flexibility in action and the ability to thrive in changing circumstances.


The ability to uncover new and better ways of working and solving problems.

Technological Acumen

The ability to employ various technologies to improve one’s work.

Inclusive Collaboration

Cultural competency and the ability to engage and create synergies with others from different backgrounds, orientations, and perspectives.

Our Approach

Throughout the coming months, we are inviting faculty and staff to participate in a series of learning opportunities. Each of our four competencies will be upskilled by using a multi-prong approach, including links to white papers and research articles by William & Mary faculty, and other scholars through online databases.

  • Whisper Events are the prelude. They are designed to introduce initial concepts to the community and generate excitement for the main Resound Events.
  • Resound Events feature speakers from outside of William & Mary to provide fresh perspectives, new ways of thinking, and provide some possible directions.
  • Echo Events are designed to help us craft a response and apply the best thinking of both outside and William & Mary perspectives. William & Mary faculty and staff experts will be invited to present.