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Flexibility in action and the ability to thrive in changing circumstances.

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"Challenge Accepted" is a group in Teams that allows faculty and staff to take a 30-day challenge to develop a work-related or healthy habit. We can think of no better way to practice Adaptability and Resilience competencies than by adopting a new or expanding a current habit. Change is hard. Support, encouragement and resources are available. Kelly Crace and Babs Bengtson co-lead the group. To join, e-mail Babs: [[babs]] or [[blbengtson]].

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Cornerstone — Check out the playlists and other resources posted through Cornerstone. Use the key word Adapt to find online courses, presentation slides, TED Talks, YouTube videos, and other types of learning materials.

Speaker Biographies
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Dean Sue Wasiolek

Dean Sue WasiolekFor the past forty years (except for a brief nine-month hiatus to practice law), Sue Wasiolek has worked in the Division of Student Affairs at Duke University. Serving as an Associate Vice President and the Dean of Students (until two weeks ago when she transitioned to Senior Advisor), Sue has overseen student conduct (including student Title IX cases), student health, student insurance, counseling and psychological services, case management, health promotions and risk mitigation, crisis response and the on-call process, veterans programs, parent and family programs, health and wellness assessment, the student behavioral assessment team, and graduate and professional student issues.

She has served for over thirty-five years as an academic advisor to freshmen and sophomores and has taught courses in education, law and cultural anthropology. Sue has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science Education, a Master of Health and Hospital Administration and a Master of Law degree from Duke. She has also completed a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University and a Doctor of Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified mediator and a certified teacher of

Having served as a peer reviewer for the NCAA, Sue enjoys intercollegiate athletics from an intellectual and spectator perspective. Her Master of Law thesis was entitled “Intercollegiate Athletics and Federal Income Tax Policy” while her doctoral dissertation focused on the efficacy of the NCAA self-study certification process.

In 2008, Sue co-authored a book entitled, “Getting the Best Out of College,” with the second edition released in March 2012.

For the past seven years, Sue has resided in an all-freshman residence hall at Duke and loves it!

Graham Henshaw

Graham HenshawGraham Henshaw is a Clinical Professor at William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business and Executive Director of the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center

Prior to joining William & Mary, Graham was the Director of Venture Development at New Richmond Ventures – a Richmond-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage socially-driven startups. At New Richmond Ventures, Graham used his entrepreneurial experience and systematic, customer-centric problem solving approach to help accelerate the growth of portfolio companies. During his tenure at NRV, Graham also launched an early-stage accelerator called Feed & Seed which subsequently merged with Lighthouse Labs to support startups in achieving product-market fit through an intensive three-month program focused on iterative business model development. 

Graham brings to W&M a diverse background in product development, Fortune 500 strategic consulting, and entrepreneurship. He leveraged his varied skill set to found Active Innovation Group in 2007, a company that created innovative accessories for athletes - most notably PaceTat - which was then acquired in 2010. As a strategic consultant, Graham has worked with companies including General Electric, Kraft Foods, Toyota and GlaxoSmithKline to create products, services, and messaging consistent with deep consumer insights.

Jeanne Wilson

JeProfessoranne Wilson received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior/Theory from Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on new organizational forms, particularly distributed work groups. She just finished a year-long longitudinal study of the development of trust, cooperation and performance in co-located and distributed teams at a multinational bank. She is also involved in ongoing studies of knowledge transfer in teams that cross organizational boundaries, attributions about performance in international project teams, and the development of shared mental models in software development teams. This work is supported by grants from the CitiGroup Behavioral Science Research Council, the Carnegie Bosch Institute and the National Science Foundation. Prior to returning to pursue a Ph.D., Jeanne spent thirteen years in consulting, including a stint as a vice president for organizational change consulting. Her clients included Saturn, Unisys, Subaru-Isuzu, Becton-Dickinson, International Paper and GenCorp. During this time, Jeanne published four books for practicing managers, two of which were business best sellers.

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