Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

"Everyone wins when a leader gets better." - Bill Hybels

There is nothing better than serving under a great leader, especially if you are a leader yourself. Leaders are learners. The very best leaders study other leaders. They study leadership. They take the best ideas and adapt them to their current environment and reality.

Leadership programs at William & Mary seek to help leaders at all levels in the organization continually improve their knowledge, skills, and competencies. Leadership is hard, but it can be done well. Please consider attending one or more of the following leadership opportunities:

Spark Leadership - Held three times a year --spring, summer, and fall; all welcome to attend

Leadership Initiative - Coordinated throught the Vice Provost Office; must be nominated to attend

William & Mary Supervisors Institute - Held once a year in the fall; application to attend required

TED Talk Tuesdays - Held once a month at Swem Library; various topics; all welcome to attend