Annual Evaluation

Note:  Effective November 7, 2016 performance evaluations are completed using Cornerstone, our new online performance management system. Details about Cornerstone.  Access Cornerstone at

Completing the Annual Performance Evaluation
The performance management process is a partnership between the supervisor and employee.  Performance evaluations are a valuable and beneficial tool supporting this partnership.  The performance evaluation meeting provides an opportunity for supervisors to give feedback to employees regarding their job performance.  The performance meeting is an opportunity:
  • to build upon the supervisor - employee partnership
  • for the supervisor to show an interest in the progress and development of the employee
  • for the employee to discuss his/her interests and share any concerns
To prepare to complete the annual performance evaluation a supervisor will:
  1. encourage the employee to complete a Self - Assessment (doc)
  2. review all documentation gathering during the performance period/cycle
  3. access the Performance Evaluation for Classified/Operational Employees (doc)
  4. complete the form and provide the evaluation to the reviewer (your supervisor) for review and signature.
To review the annual performance evaluation with your employee a supervisor will:
  1. schedule a meeting with the employee to present the evaluation.  Best practice is to provide a copy of the evaluation to the employee prior to the meeting.
  2. provide the employee with a copy of the signed evaluation at the end of the meeting.
  3. keep a copy of the signed evaluation for your files.
  4. send the original evaluation, with all required signatures to the Office of Human Resources before the annual deadline.  Classified/Operational Performance Evaluations are due the first workday following the end of the performance cycle which is October 25.