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Volunteer Partner Resources

Social Media Links

Several links are provided to help you acclumate your new employee partner to the William and Mary community.  Many of them are generated by students, but are helpful in learning the unique culture of our college.

Ampersandbox -- A microsite with stories about William & Mary (W&M) from Alumni, current Students, Faculty/Staff and Friends of the College.

Wrencyclopedia -- This resource was created by students for other students, but is very helpful for learning the traditions, stories, and cultural events that happen on campus throughout the year.

Facebook -- Signing up for the William & Mary page on facebook allows employees (and students) to keep in touch with a variety of departments, the arts, and special interest groups. There is a long list of organizations to follow, so there should be one or more things that would be of interest to a new employee.

YouTube -- William & Mary also has several videos and links on YouTube.  Many catagories of topics/videos are available.

Twitter -- Get instant updates and tweet about things that interest you.

flickr -- Campus & Student Life, Just for Fun, Graduate & Professional Schools, Campus Events and Global Education can be found here.

Instagram -- Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform it's look and feel, then post to instagram.  Share on facebook, twitter and other social media sites.  This link will display William & Mary photos.

Getting Connected

There are several organizations for new employees to join.  Following are a few that are available.

Staff Assembly -- An organization for classified, operational and hourly employees.

Professional/Professional Faculty Assembly (PPFA) -- An organization for professional and professional faculty employees.

Faculty Assemby -- An organization for faculty members.

EqualityWM -- Faculty and staff LGBT organization

The Forum -- Black faculty and staff organization

Women's Network -- An organization for all females of the college

Helpful Campus Links

Map of Campus


Box Office -- Dance, live theatre, musical performances

Dining Services

Information Technology (IT)


Muscarelle Museum of Art

Recreational Center

Virginia Shakespeare Festival -- Summer performances

Wren Building