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What employee "type" am I?

For most employees, your type of employment can be determined by the first digits of your position number.

Find your position number:

Position Number Table
If your position begins with...    You are considered... Hourly or Salaried
0 Classified or Operational Salaried
B VIMS Graduate Assistantship Salaried
F0 Instructional Faculty Salaried
FP Professional Salaried

Administrative Faculty


FX Executive Salaried
G VIMS Postdoctoral Salaried
GA Graduate Assistant Salaried
GN Faculty Summer Research Salaried
H Hourly Hourly
PP Part-Time Professional Salaried
P0 and P1 Adjunct Faculty Salaried
S0 Faculty Summer Session Salaried
ST Hourly student Hourly
T Temporary Hourly
W VIMS Workships Hourly

 If you need further assistance evaluating your employment type, please contact us at [[AskHR]].