Tuition Waiver Program

William & Mary offers a tuition waiver program that permits eligible executives, instructional faculty, professionals and professional faculty, and operational/classified staff and Alumni Association employees to take advantage of course offerings at the university.

Employees who are eligible for the tuition waiver may elect to take up to two classes each term, not to exceed four classes per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Each course may not exceed 4 credit hours, for a total of 16 credit hours per academic year. Course-related fees or charges other than (or in addition to) tuition are not subject to the waiver. Online classes in the MBA, MSBA and Counseling Education M.Ed. are not eligble for tuition waivers.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • Full-time Faculty, Professional, Professional Faculty and Classified/Operational employees
  • Part-time employees
    • Part-time salaried employees and Part-time classified/ operational employees
    • Hourly employees who are eligible for the existing leave policy (who have worked a minimum of 1000 hours in the prior year)
  • Spouses of full-time faculty (may audit course only)
  • Language House tutors
  • Others as specifically approved by the Provost or designee
How does the program work?

Employees participating in the program are subject to the university's normal admission requirements and other applicable policies and procedures. 

Classified/operational employees may, with supervisor permission, take a class during normal work hours, but the employee will be required to make up any time spent away from work. The employee can, as an alternative and with supervisor approval, charge the time to an appropriate leave balance.

What must I do to participate?
  • Decide what class you want to take.
  • Fill out a Tuition Waiver Form (pdf) and have your supervisor sign it.
  • Send or bring the form to the Office of Human Resources for verification of eligibility to participate in the program and signature.
  • Send or take a copy of the form to the Bursar’s Office.  The Office of Human Resources will retain the original form.
  • Enjoy your class!

If the waiver falls into the category of employer provided educational assistance, tax liabilities may be significantly higher.

If you have questions about the Tuition Waiver Program, please call the Office of Human Resources at 221-3169.