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Long Term Disability Insurance

The long term disability insurance plan is administered by The Standard and is provided by W&M after you complete one year of permanent employment. Should you become disabled, benefits would begin after six months (180 days) of disability. Benefits are paid at the rate of 60% of your monthly salary (not to exceed $6,000.00 per month) less the amount of benefits from other sources (such as Worker's Compensation or Social Security Disability). W&M picks up 60% of the premium and you would pay 40%. The current cost is .171% of your annual salary divided by 12.

For example:

Salary $50,000/12 months=$4,166.67 salary per month x .171%

$7.13 Total Premium

60% x $7.13 = $4.28 Employer Premium

40% x $7.13 = $2.85 Employee Premium or $1.43 per paycheck


Full-time Instructional, Administrators and Professional faculty are eligible to sign up after they have been employed for twelve months. If the faculty member does not enroll, coverage is automatically waived.

Change Due to Employee Promotion, Job Status, etc.

  • Classified/Operational to Faculty: Coverage begins, if elected, on the date of conversion to a faculty position.
  • Faculty to Classified/Operational: Coverage stops at the end of the month in which the employee converts to a full-time classified/operational position.

Termination of Employment

Coverage stops at the end of the month in which the employee terminates employment. Long-term disability may not be continued after termination or retirement.