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Cornerstone Learning is the new learning management system for staff and professional employees. It links to Cornerstone Performance.

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Cornerstone Learning, is the new learning management system for all full-time W&M and VIMS staff and professional employees. The robust system creates a transcript for each employee, and allows for easy course registration, waitlisting, interest tracking, cancelation, and much, much more.

Phase Two of Cornerstone Learning is now available. Learn how to search for training opportunities and how to add them to your transcript. User Guides are being developed and will be added to the site as they are ready. In addition to the Lynda.com Guide, two additional guides are now available for you to start learning how to navigate the system and search for training you want.

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Phase One launched on Monday, March 20th and provided employees access to Lynda.com courses -- the same courses purchased by Swem, IT, and HR for all faculty, staff, and students. The advantage of searching Cornerstone instead of going through the Swem database is that it will put the course directly on your transcript. It will be easy to access later if you have to stop before finishing the course and, the completed course will appear on your transcript.

The advantage of having an automated transcripts are two-fold. One, it helps during performance review time to help both you and your supervisor ("Manager" in Cornerstone) remember what courses you took and what sessions you attended. Two, many employees hold certifications through their professional associations, which require continuing education courses to maintain. Employees can easily access their transcripts and either save as a pdf or print a copy for submission to the professional association as proof of courses completed.

Want to get started? There is a Lynda.com User Guide posted here and on the Welcome Page.

Happy Training!