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Cornerstone Online Performance Management System


Cornerstone is William & Mary's new online performance management system.

Full Description

With Cornerstone, performance evaluations will now be completed online. Cornerstone, William & Mary's new performance management system, takes the paper-based evaluation system and moves it online.  Cornerstone promises to make performance evaluations more efficient by leveraging a user-friendly, web-based platform to complete each step of the evaluation process.  

The upcoming performance evaluations for professional/professional faculty will be conducted in Cornerstone.  The system will become available on Monday, April 24, starting with a self-assessment period.  Evaluations must be completed by Friday, June 2nd. Please take a moment to review the Performance Planning and Evaluation Policies before you begin.

SPECIAL NOTE: Employees who recently decided to change classification from Classified/Operational to Professional and have already completed a performance evaluation in November/December 2016, you do NOT have to complete another evaluation.

Link to Cornerstone: cornerstone.wm.edu

Suggested Timeline
  • Self-Assessment – Monday, April 24 - Friday, May 5 
  • Manager Evaluation – Evaluations may begin as soon as a self-assessment has been submitted, otherwise the starting date will be Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 19.
  • Reviewer Approval – Reviewers can access the evaluations as soon as it has been submitted.  Reviewers have until Monday, May 22 - Friday, May 26 to sign-off on the evaluation. 

  • Employee/Manager Discussions – Discussions between the employee and manager may take place as soon as the evaluation has been approved by the reviewer, otherwise the designated time period is Tuesday, May 30 – Friday, June 2.

Deadline for Completing Evaluations – Friday, June 2nd

Email Notifications

Email notifications from [[askHR]] will be sent to you when a "Task" or "Action" is waiting for you in Cornerstone.

  • Employees who are eligible to complete a self-assessment during this time (professional/professional faculty) will be sent an email inviting them to log in to Cornerstone on April 24th.  The self-assessment is optional.  
  • Managers of professional/professional faculty employees will receive an email notification when a self-assessment has been completed or when the two week self-assessment period has concluded.  At that point, the evaluation can begin.  
  • Reviewers will be notified by email when the evaluation is available for approval.

Training for Cornerstone will be provided but is not mandatory.  A general training session will be held on Friday, April 21st, from 10:00-11:00 am in Tidewater A, Sadler Center. Additional, customized training is available for individual departments. Send a message to askHR@wm.edu to request a session for your group.

Copies of the User Guides are now available.

If you have questions or concerns about Cornerstone or the evaluation process, please send them to [[askHR]].