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March 2014 Snap Poll Results Summary

Snap Poll #1: Syria, Ukraine and the U.S. Defense Budget

Our first snap poll was sent to 2,805 IR scholars and received 908 responses, a response rate of approximately 30 percent. The margin of error for the poll is +/-2.7 percent. This poll featured nine questions on a variety of issues, including the emerging crisis in Ukraine, Syria’s chemical weapons, and U.S. defense spending.

A summary of the results is provided below.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT.      Selected findings published on

Summary of Results

Question 1: In September 2013 the United States and Russia agreed to a framework under which Syria would relinquish its chemical weapons. According to the agreed framework these weapons would be destroyed under the supervision of international inspectors by June 30, 2014. Do you believe that Syria will fulfill its obligations under the agreement by the June deadline?

Question 2: If Syria fails to comply with this agreement by June 30, 2014, do you believe the United States will use military force against Syria?

Question 3: If Syria fails to comply with this agreement by June 30, 2014, would you support the use of military force by the United States against Syrian government forces?

Question 4: If Syria fails to comply with this agreement by June 30, 2014, which of the following U.S. foreign policy options would you support? (Check all that apply.)

Question 5: Six months from now, which of the following do you believe will best describe the political situation in Ukraine?

Question 6: Did the recent international attention focused on the Olympics restrain Russia from becoming more directly involved in the political crisis in Ukraine?

Question 7: Will Russian military forces intervene in response to the political crisis in Ukraine?

Question 8: Do you think the United States is spending too little, about the right amount, or too much on defense?

Question 9: On Monday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel proposed a new defense budget, which includes an overall reduction and a substantial reprioritization of spending. On balance, these changes would...