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The Exodus Project

The Exodus Project develops evidence-based solutions to challenges faced by vulnerable groups during displacement crises. We develop these solutions by partnering with international stakeholders in the humanitarian and development fields. 

Current Project Summary

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has displaced over 6.3 million Ukrainians from their homes. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) refugees and internally displaced persons face particular vulnerabilities, including health challenges like accessing hormone treatment, HIV treatment, and mental health resources. The humanitarian community lacks a coherent and adaptable strategy to address LGBTQI refugees’ and IDPs’ health-specific needs. Our research investigation will fill the evidence gaps on displaced LGBTQI Ukrainians’ unique health challenges and partner with stakeholders to offer concrete policy solutions to those challenges.

Featured Work
Get to Know The Exodus Project

In 2019, through the Global Research Institute's Summer Fellows Program, Jahnavi Prabhala ’22 worked with international humanitarian organizations to research the Venezuelan migrant crisis in Bogotá, Colombia. While conducting humanitarian needs assessments with Venezuelan migrant women and girls, Jahnavi realized that in displacement crises, certain migrant groups face unique, multi-sectoral challenges (such as accessing menstrual hygiene management, in the case of Venezuelan migrant women and girls) that are often overlooked and left unaddressed by humanitarian and development organizations during crisis response. To address this problem, Jahnavi mobilized global NGOs, United Nations stakeholders, and a team of interdisciplinary scholars and students to create The Exodus Project.

Focus Areas

Displacement crises; vulnerable migrant populations; public health; international development; humanitarian aid; human rights; Latin America; Eastern Europe

Project Leads/Contacts

Aubrey Lay ‘23 (, Zoha Siddiqui ‘23 (