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Potential Partners - Our proximity to DC and strong focus on business, regulatory and empirical research puts us in a position to work closely with government, contractors, International Organizations and NGOs. 

A collaboration with W&M Blockchain Lab can aid organizations in accelerating development through increased regulatory clarity, training, joint research, education, hackathons and networking opportunities.

Our Lab seeks collaborations and partnerships through gifts, grants and sponsorships.

To donate please use the give button below or contact Troy Wiipongwii at

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W&M Blockchain Lab Sponsorship Levels

Level 1: Sponsor - This level is customized for the sponsor and involves no long-term commitment. The funding may range from $10K for a sponsored pilot research paper or course, to additional costs for other areas of engagement. Sponsors will be co-branded on relevant projects. Possible elements of the sponsorship may include:

  • Company/protocol specific bootcamps, workshops, speaker series and networking
  • Access to our community and network
  • All activity to be published in public domain with no IP restrictions
  • Setting the agenda for hackathon challenge
  • An agreed number of legal hours on blockchain regulation and compliance

Level 2: Collaborator - This level includes named Industry Fellow participation, 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:

  • Includes above Level 1 benefits
  • Running of blockchain servers
  • Included in official curriculum to develop faculty, student expertise in your protocol, technology
  • One Industry Fellow per year or two for six months each
  • Training for employees on blockchain and other emerging technology related topics

Level 3: Partner - This level includes a 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:

  • Includes Level 1 and 2 benefits
  • Joint research and projects specific to firms needs
  • Access to all educational material related to blockchain and experiential credit and certificates from the university
  • Endowed professorship in Business, Computer Science, Law or Public Policy
  • Included in our certificate education platform, revenue partners in relevant online education products.