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The W&M Blockchain Lab has affiliated faculty and students who are actively engaged in blockchain research. Our research is sponsored through a blend of external and internal grants, and we are always looking to collaborate with the public/private partners to enhance our applied research agenda. Expertise in areas of: decision support systems, supply-chain management, taxes, nuclear supply-chain, international development, and blockchain governance are the major themes of the Lab.


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Media Articles

Wiipongwii, T., & Hibbert, G. (2020, August 31). Blockchain and COVID-19 in Indian country. The Diplomatic Courier, Chronicling COVID-19.

Working Papers and Forthcoming Publications

Fisher, D., Labh, N.,Lee, B.,Piersma, R., Sahai, T., Tarokh, V.,Xia, Y. A., Xing, J. (2021). Talaria: A Framework for Simulation of Permissioned Blockchains for Logistics and Beyond.


Wiipongwii, T. (2021) Factom governance through the Lens of Agency Theory.

Abstracts from W&M Blockchain Lab CFP

PIs: Rajiv Kohli, Business


Title: “Blockchain Integration with Organizational Strategy”

Abstract: This paper seeks to answer the following questions: How can managers evaluate opportunities from blockchain technologies? What is the trajectory of the evolution of blockchain in organizations? How can organizations train their employees and consumers to participate in blockchain-based transactions? How can organizations build security and privacy protections in blockchain implementation?

PIs: Anh Ninh, Mathematics


Title: “Applying Blockchain Technology to Enhance Clinical Trial Operations”

Abstract: Evaluating the impact of blockchain technology on the ability to preserve privacy of people and coordinate information to improve recruitment in Clinical trials

PIs: Rachel Chung, Business

RAs: Nicola Ibba

Title: “Blockchain Data Visualization for Supply Chain Management

Abstract: Explore how to visualize blockchain data to improve decision making in the supply chain

PIs: Amy Xia, Professor of Business

RAs: Gilian Doby and Nitya Labh

Title: “Quantify the Benefit and Risk of Adopting Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management”

Abstract: A focus on permissioned blockchains and their operating costs and adoption costs to organizations, while exploring the bene

fits of components of blockchain on improved transaction speed, traceability etc. 


PIs: Jeff Kaplow, Government

RAs: Tara McLaughlin

Title: “Enhancing nuclear safeguards with blockchain”

Abstract: exploring how blockchain can aid in the coordination and validation of input and outputs along the nuclear supply-chain.”

PIs: Eugeniy E. Mikhailov, Physics


Title: “Blockchained Scientific Log Books”

Abstract: Explore how blockchain can improve the coordination of log books entries to improve IP protection and reproducibility.  Also introduce new methods of creating human readable metadata on blockchain.