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Troy Wiipongwii

Affiliated Faculty



Troy Wiipongwii is an affiliated faculty of the Global Research Institute (GRI) at W&M. Troy previously served as the Founder and Director of the GRI Blockchain Lab at W&M. Since then, he has completed his PhD in Technology and Data Science. Troy's dissertation uses Design Science Research (DSR) methodology to build and evaluate food recommender system algorithms that consider sustainable consumption in a Food-Away-From-Home (FAFH) context. 

Troy considers himself more of a social impact entrepreneur than academic. His academic endeavours are driven by his interest in closing the gap between theory and practice of technology interventions for social impact. Troy's research interest centers around policy, design, application, and evaluation of "Web 3.0" technologies (AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT) in the food & beverage, hospitality & tourism sectors. In particular, Troy is interested in how these technologies impact economic, social, and environmental initiatives, especially for Indigenous, Rural, and other disenfranchised communities. 

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Data Science and Technology, School of Technology, Capitol Technology University, 2022
  • MPP, School of Public Policy, William & Mary, 2018
  • BS, Applied Mathematics, Southern New Hampshire University, 2016
Research Projects (Current):
  • Developing a Decision-Support Tool for Achieving Food Sovereignty on Native American Tribal Lands in Virginia
  • Project Trace: Developing Traceability Tools for Southwest Virginia's (SWVA) Growing Craft Brewing Industry
  • Conrad, Zach; Cyril, Ashley; Kowalski, Corina; Jackson, Erin; Hendrickx, Brittany; Lan, Jessie Jie; McDowell, Acree; Salesses, Meredith; Love, David C; Wiipongwii, Troy; Zhang, Fang Fang; Blackstone, Nicole Tichenor. (2022). Diet sustainability analyses can be improved with updates to the Food Commodity Intake Database. Frontiers in Nutrition (In Press).
  • Ibba, N., Wiipongwii, T., & Chung, T. T. R. (2021). SimChain: Simulator for Supply Chain Decision Making with Blockchain.
  • Hibbert, G., & Wiipongwii, T. (2020) Blockchain and COVID-19 in Indian Country. Retrieved December 20, 2021, from
  • Keilitz, I., & Wiipongwii, T. (2019). Ten Things You Should Know About Blockchain Today: A Guide for Court Managers. Court Manager Vol. 34 #2 – Summer 2019
  • Keilitz, I., & Wiipongwii, T. (2017). Blockchain and international development: Can blockchain technology be the solution to effective land registration systems in developing nations? Wm. & Mary Pol'y Rev., 9, 52.


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