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Gabrielle Hibbert

Research Assistant

Gabrielle Hibbert earned her Bachelor's degree from the College of William & Mary in Global Studies, and will graduate with her Master's degree in Sustainable International Development and Management from Brandeis University this May.

Her interests surround privacy-conscious development, zk-SNARKs, and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). She has co-authored one published work through the Diplomatic Courier, entitled, Blockchain and COVID-19 in Indian Country.

In addition to her previously published work, Hibbert is writing her upcoming Master's capstone entitled, "Decentralizing identification with blockchain and zk-SNARKs for autonomous and privacy-conscious development."

She has given lectures at Spelman College's Department of Art on Blockchain, Provenance, and Crypto Wallets, held panel discussions for the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, and National Policy for Women of Color in Blockchain. She also holds a certificate in Ethereum development

Before joining the Lab, she worked in Washington D.C. on the Hill, as a translator of Russian and German, and as an international development financial analyst at Open Data Watch