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Blockchain Lab

The W&M Blockchain Lab is a collaboration between W&M’s Entrepreneurship Hub and W&M's Global Research Institute. The Lab’s goals are to:

  1. Establish a Blockchain network between W&M, the private sector, non-profit sector, and governments to create an information and research collaborative.
  2. Prototype technology and data solutions in the blockchain space.
  3. Provide leadership on Blockchain challenges identified through the Blockchain network. Developing solutions and evaluating impact will require interdisciplinary teams working at the nexus of public policy, law, government, business, data and computer sciences. The Lab will provide critical support to bring prominent faculty together to explore and forge solutions to real world challenges.   
  4. Convene experts to meet, discuss concepts, and explore solutions through a series of workshops and working groups.
  5. Grow a diverse talent pipeline by designing a set of new courses, integrating blockchain content into the existing curriculum, and providing hands-on research and consulting experience through capstones and clinics.
Focus Areas

Blockchain Regulations, Impact Evaluation, Trade Policy, Governance, Feasibility and Product Fit

Student Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to become research assistants and be paired with faculty focusing on topics including supply chain, trade policy, and data rights on blockchains. Students can also take new courses, incubate promising blockchain use-cases, develop blockchain programming skills, and engage with real-world projects in capstones or innovation challenges.


W&M Entrepreneurship Hub


CGI , Factom Protocol


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