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PIPS Fellows Meet with Air Force Air Combat Command's International Affairs Office

On October 21, the PIPS research fellows met with Dr. Coyt Hargus and Lt. Donald Brunk, Military Deputy - International Affairs, for an hour long brainstorming session at Langley Air Force base.

Mr. Coyt D. Hargus is ACC's Deputy Director of International Affairs (POLAD) and as a Foreign Policy Advisor to the Commander of Air Combat Command (COMACC), Langley Air Force Base, VA. He also is a former Foreign Service officer (FAO). As Deputy, he assists the POLAD in his capacity as the command focal point and advisor to COMACC, subordinate commanders, and ACC senior staff on political-military affairs, policy analysis and global US strategic interests. Mr. Hargus routinely represents the command in the development of USAF Irregular Warfare doctrine and Building Partnerships and Building Partnership Capacity policy development. He routinely communicates with other nations, and throughout the interagency, as required to ensure the flow of information on matters which impact the command.

He is the former commander of US Army parachute infantry and special operations units, he earned designation as a Middle East FAO and has since served throughout the US Government in a variety of strategic intelligence and international affairs postings, including assignments in the Middle East and Africa, as well as in NATO and the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to his vast experience throughout the Middle East and North Africa, he has served in the Jordanian and Yemeni embassies.

Mr. Hargus has served as a university professor and routinely lectures intelligence/national security officials on Arab culture, Islam, fundamentalism and counter-terrorism. He is a long-term member of the FAO Association and was recently elected to serve on its Board of Governors. He further serves the FAO Association as Senior Editor of its professional journal, International Affairs. He is a published author on Mid-East national security matters.