William & Mary

PIPS E-Interns Gain Experience with Leading Security, Policy Entities around the World

With the announcement of new students joining its E-Internship program, William & Mary’s Project for International Peace & Security (PIPS) continues to fulfill its mission of connecting the academic and foreign policy communities. Still in its first year, the E-Internship program connects students with government agencies and foreign policy-related organizations, giving students opportunities to apply their studies in government and international relations to current research and policymaking.

The program now includes 13 students working remotely in a variety of capacities, from journalism to geospatial analysis. Program director, Kathryn H. Floyd, guides the interns in securing assignments as well as mentoring them in their work. According to Floyd, “the PIPS E-Internship program is a tremendous opportunity for students to work with leading security and foreign policy organizations around the world. Undergraduate education at William and Mary is doing more than rising to meet the latest industry trends; we are transforming at the same rate. From the colonial town of Williamsburg, one of our students answers to a boss in Germany and another to Singapore.” The program benefits from strong connections to both private sector and government agencies, and Floyd went on to say, “we are incredibly grateful to all the participating organizations for their invaluable mentoring.”

PIPS 2013-2014 E-Interns

Michael Aiken
Organization: Diplomatic Courier
Field/Focus: copywriting/editing on China, urban agriculture, gender gap

Michael Campbell
Organization: Congressional Research Service
Field/Focus: Defense Policy, Arms Control

Josh Cohen 
Organization: Center for International Maritime Security

Peter Colwell
Organization: Xanadu Geographyx
Field/Focus: Modeling/simulation, GIS, remote sensing, digital cartography

Daniel Duane
Organization: U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command (Int’l Affairs Office )
Field/Focus: policy brief on Fort Hood shooting

Melanie Gilbert
Organization: International Institute for Strategic Studies (Armed Conflict Database)
Field/Focus: Human security, political trends, security developments in Syria

Sophia Mortensen
Organization: U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command (Int’l Affairs Office)
Field/Focus: Maintaining international partnerships within fiscal constraints

Luke Nicastro
Organization: U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
Field/Focus: Research/Development supporting future War games
April Smith
Organization: United States European Command (EUCOM)
Field/Focus: Strategic Engagement Planning
Taylor Renard
Organization: U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command
 Global Health

Chelsea Strelser
Organization: U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command
Field/Focus: Global Health, Conflict Zone Vaccinations
Megan Willmes 
Organization: Center for International Maritime Security
Jimmy Zhang
Organization: U.S. Air Force - Air Combat Command
Field/Focus: Conducting research on internal organization, hiring, promotion, and training practices

Students interested in applying to join the E-Internship program can find more information here: http://www.wm.edu/offices/itpir/pips/E-Internship%20Program/index.php