William & Mary

PIPS and the Diplomacy Lab in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently published an article praising the work of the William and Mary Diplomacy Lab. The Diplomacy Lab allows the state department to access the untapped, valuable resources of undergraduate research, and represents a successful partnership between academia and policy makers in Washington. State Department Officials mentor undergraduate interns as they develop areas of interest in the international system, while undergraduates offer their insights and solutions into current and future issues for global affairs. Hopefully, these solutions can be channeled into effective foreign policy.

The Times-Dispatch also mention the PIPS program as an exemplary example of undergraduate research and collaboration  "to find solutions to international challenges." On April 16th the 2013-2014 Fellows will offer their  solutions to international issues to policymakers in Washington D.C. The symposium represents the culmination of a years worth of research, as well as extensive interviews and collaboration with policy experts.

Congratulations to both PIPS and the Diplomacy Lab for their hard work and acknowledgement. Read the full story at the Richmond Times-Dispatch website.