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GRI Initiatives

At GRI, our approach is to create knowledge to address real-world problems and catalyze these new insights while training the next generation of global scholars and leaders. We do this not only through supporting and scaling our research labs, but also with select GRI initiatives. More information about each of our featured initiatives is below.

Gates Forums: The Gates Forums serve a critical bridging function to convene senior leaders across the political spectrum to tackle pressing national security challenges. Under the leadership of Chancellor Robert M. Gates, the Gates Forums are convened at William & Mary by GRI and the Gates Global Policy Center (GGPC). The Forums focus on issues where improved data and analysis can help lead to policy change. GRI and GGPC commission cutting-edge research to help participants objectively diagnose the policy problem, weigh the merits of possible solutions, and increase the credibility of the final menu of policy recommendations and action plan.

Post-Doctoral Fellows Program: The GRI Post-Doctoral Program offers opportunities for early-career scholars who seek to produce applied research on pressing global issues. Fellows generally spend two or more years in-residence researching, writing, and teaching in their area of specialization. They work closely with one or more GRI’s research labs and join its vibrant intellectual community, one that values innovation, fun, and an eagerness to take big swings at important research questions.

Security & Foreign Policy Initiative: GRI’s Security and Foreign Policy Initiative was designed with two key objectives: to meet students’ demand for courses and research opportunities in the areas of international security and U.S. foreign policy and to diversify W&M’s theoretical approaches to the study of these subjects. With generous support from W&M donors and the Charles Koch Foundation, GRI will achieve these objectives through an expansion of its post-doctoral fellowship program and a series of convenings that bring scholars, students, and policy practitioners together.

Global Scholars Program: In partnership with the W&M Washington Center and the Reves Center, GRI launched the W&M Global Scholars Program in 2022. In this year-long, cohort-based program, students are provided with with multiple internship and research experiences, embedded into coursework in Williamsburg, Washington DC, and Brussels/Paris.