Get into Global Research

Make an impact in the world.

At the Global Research Institute we create extraordinary learning experiences through student-faculty collaborations and generate world-leading research that can have an impact on policy. We’re a multidisciplinary hub that brings together practitioners and professionals who are experts in their fields with students who are at the beginning of their careers. Together we cultivate new ideas and learn how to bridge the divide between academia and practice. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, policymaker, or alum - if you want to join our community of scholarship and innovation, we want to hear from you.

There are a lot of ways to get involved, from giving a talk on campus to joining a research project. If you’re a professional working in a field related to international relations, you could be a mentor, offer an e-internship, or become a faculty fellow. If you’re a student, you could pitch a research idea at our annual Shark Tank competition, learn about jobs in policy and IR at our DC Day, or apply to be a summer fellow and work for the Institute over the summer break. Maybe you have a new idea about how you’d like to get involved that doesn't quite fit our current offerings - let us know! Our community is built on connection, and our research is powered by our people. We’re always excited to welcome new opportunities to create lasting collaborations and impact.

Other ways to get involved: