William & Mary Jargon

What we really mean when we say...

DoG Street Duke of Gloucester St. (the main street of Colonial Williamsburg)
CW Colonial Williamsburg
BOV Board of Visitors
OA Orientation Aide
OAD Orientation Area Director
RA Resident Assistant
CSU Campus Station Unit (mailboxes)
TJ Thomas Jefferson
PBK Phi Beta Kappa Hall (Auditorium)
BroMon Orientation Area for Brown and Monroe Residence Halls
JR'HunTal Orientation Area for Jefferson, Reves, Taliaferro, and Hunt Residence Halls
OD Old Dominion Residence Hall
OTP One Tribe Place
GGV Green and Gold Village
CSD Center for Student Diversity
PA Academic Peer Advisor
SA Student Assembly
RHA Residence Hall Association 
DOSO Dean of Students Office
SC Sadler Center
IT Information Technology
IT Improvisational Theater (Student Comedy group)
The Caf The Dining Commons (one of the three main dining facilities)
Kaplan Kaplan Arena (formerly W&M Hall)
The Leafe The Green Leafe Café
College College Deli
Paul's Paul's Deli
Res Life Residence Life
The Grind The Daily Grind Coffee Shop (located next to the Sadler Center)
The Terrace The Sadler Center Terrace
The Rec Student Recreation Center
myWM Campus web portal used to access registration, housing lottery and other services
Colonial Echo Campus Yearbook
The Flat Hat Campus Newspaper
FYE Office of First Year Experience
7s, 13s, 
Bishop James 
Madison Society, 
Some of the country's oldest secret societies active in philanthropy and spreading mirth on campus today