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Fall 2020 Move-In Days

Are we there yet?

Campus move-in information for incoming and returning residential students! We look forward to welcoming you home!

Move-In Instructions
Packing for the Semester

With a compressed semester ahead of us, plan to pack the essentials and remember, what you carry into the residence halls will eventually have to be carried out. 

Arriving on Campus

Print out your residence hall QR check-in code (emailed in early August) and using the directions below navigate to your Check-In Line starting point on Compton Drive. Trust us on this one! 

Directions to Check-In Lines
From the Richmond Airport and Points West
  • Interstate 64 East
  • Exit 234 to the right (199 East)
  • Travel 6 miles, take right exit for VA-321E, Monticello Ave
  • Use right lane to turn left onto Monticello Ave
  • Travel 1.6 miles, then turn right onto Compton Drive
From the Norfolk Airport and Points East
  • Interstate 64 West
  • Exit 238 to the right
  • Turn left onto Capitol Landing Rd (signs for VA-143 E/Williamsburg)
  • Travel 0.6 miles, turn right onto VA-132 S
  • Travel 1.2 miles, turn right onto US-60 W/Bypass Road
  • Travel 1.2 miles, turn left onto Richmond Road
  • Travel 0.6 miles, turn right down VA-321E, Monticello Ave
  • Travel 0.5 miles, then turn left onto Compton Drive

Check-in Lines
A: Green, Pink, Yellow & OTP-TS Move-In Routes 
B: Blue, Orange, Purple & Red Move-In Routes 
Residential Student Check-In
Check-In Line A

Residence Life staff will issue you a key and other important materials during check-in. Upon arriving at your building's unloading zone, please unpack your vehicle and park your car within the designated lot before moving your belongings to your room.

Check-in Lines

A: Green, Pink, Yellow & OTP-TS Move-In Routes
B: Blue, Orange, Purple & Red Move-In Routes

Check-In Line B
You will need the following when you arrive in your check-in line:
  • The QR code sent to your W&M email address in early August
  • Clearance from the W&M Student Health Center. If you have not heard from a Health Center official, you can assume you are okay.
  • Patience. Our staff will do the best they can to check you in quickly. However, circumstances sometimes occur beyond their control that may slow up the process. Remember that many of our check-in days have been fairly hot so a little extra patience could make the day go more smoothly for everyone!
Insurance Information
Personal Property Insurance Recommended for Residential Students

The university is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property resulting from fire, theft, casualty or any cause, or for personal injury occurring within the leased premises, except as may be required by Virginia law. It is strongly recommended that personal property insurance be obtained by each student for his or her belongings. Renter's insurance is offered by most major insurance companies; some companies actually offer the option of a rider on a homeowner's policy to cover the belongings of students away at college. We recommend that you contact your current insurance provider or visit these informational websites for quotesguides and reviews, to examine your options.

Navigating to Your Residential Assignment
Pink Move-In Route Sign

With a color-coded card on your dash, your vehicle will follow your designated route signs to your unloading zone after driving through the multi-step residential check-in process.

Details regarding each of the color-coded move-in routes, to include an interactive Google Map and dashboard card, will be published here by August 7.

Move-In Route Chart
Housing Assignment Check-in Line Color-Coded Route
Barrett Hall B Blue
Botetourt Complex (Dinwiddie, Fauquier, Gooch, Nicholson & Spotswood) B Blue
Brown Hall A Yellow
Bryan Complex (Bryan, Camm, Dawson, Madison & Stith) A Pink
Chandler Hall B Blue
DuPont Hall B Blue
Fraternity Housing A Green
Graduate Complex B Red
Green & Gold Village (Eagle, Griffin, Lion) A Green
Hardy Hall B Blue
Hunt Hall B Red
Jefferson Hall B Blue
Landrum Hall B Blue
Lemon Hall B Blue
Ludwell Apartments B Purple
Monroe Hall A Pink
Old Dominion Hall A Pink
One Tribe Place A One Tribe Place
& Tribe Square
Randolph Complex (Cabell, Giles, Harrison, Nicholas, Page, Pleasants & Preston) B Blue
Reves Hall B Red
Sorority Court A Yellow
Taliaferro Hall B Red
Tribe Square A One Tribe Place
& Tribe Square
Yates Hall B Blue
Unloading Zones
Unloading Zone Sign

Upon arriving at your residence hall's unloading zone, we ask that you:

  1. Unload your vehicle within one hour's time
  2. Proceed to your route's designated parking area
  3. Unpack your belongings and get settled in
  4. Have your "See You Later" moment
Unloading Zone Details
Vehicle Restrictions
  • No oversized vehicles are allowed (RVs, campers, trailers, box trucks, etc.)
  • Only one vehicle per student allowed at any one point in time
Zone Restrictions
  • One-hour time limit strictly enforced (fines range up to $100)
  • Vehicles must be accompanied by a driver at all times during the unloading process
  • Do not park in fire lanes, or on grass or sidewalks (fines range up to $100)
New Family Welcome Tents

During your limited time on campus during the new student move-in process, parents and families are encouraged to spend just a few moments at one of our five strategically located Welcome Tents hosted by Parent & Family Programs.

  • Botetourt / DuPont Traffic Island
  • Monroe Hall Front Lawn
  • Campus Center Front Lawn
  • Landrum Drive Outside Classroom
  • Kaplan Arena Ukrop-Side Lawn
*Off-Campus/Commuter/Remote New Students

Any new student who is not residing on-campus (whether they be a transfer, exchange, or joint degree programme host student, or a freshman with a residency exemption due to either commuter status or a remote-only course schedule) for the Fall 2020 semester will simply need to check-in for Orientation the morning of Saturday, August 15. Detailed instructions will be emailed directly to each student.