Essential First-Year Initiatives

These five presentations (four in the fall semester; one in the spring) are considered "essential" in the holistic development of W&M students as each supports a key element found within our community. First-time-in-college students are required to attend the four fall sessions with their residence hall community (although alternate sessions can be registered for on an individual basis when academic or health conflicts arise).

Community Values and Responsibilities

This session will engage students in scenario and discussion-based conversation regarding important aspects of our community values. Through discussion students will receive advice and information to assist them in making a successful transition during their first year at the university. Students also will learn about important resources available to them to assist with their success.

Authentic Excellence II:  Resilience in a Relentless World

This session continues the conversation from Orientation on flourishing and resilience.  Advanced strategies will be discussed that are specific to the first semester of the transition to college and that build upon the foundation of success they have already developed.

Tribe Unity within a Diverse Community 

Tribe Unity is an exploration of identity and community. Our William & Mary community is made up of people from all over the world, every walk of life, with varied lived experiences. In this session, we will get to know the people in our community, explore our own identities, and understand new ways to hear and be heard.

Healthy Relationships

This session will engage participants in a values-based approach to developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Throughout this session, we will discuss the importance of communication, boundaries, and consent. Furthermore, this session will briefly discuss ways to support a friend if they are involved in an unhealthy relationship or may have experienced sexual assault.

The Courage to Intervene (Spring Semester)

This web-based workshop will give newer students to W&M the tools needed to identify potentially dangerous situations and know how to intervene on behalf of their peers. Students will learn about the steps of - and barriers to - active intervention, as well as resources all across campus that can help students in emergency and non-emergency situations.