Freshman Housing Application

Due May 31

Your freshman housing process starts here.

In the Freshman Housing Application, which includes the Freshman Lifestyle Questionnaire, you can share your housing and roommate preferences, search for a roommate, and accept your housing contract all in one simple streamlined process.  

If you are under 18

A Housing Agreement (under 18) step will automatically display which will require you to provide a name and email address for at least one parent/guardian so they can also review the terms and conditions for housing. A link will be sent to the email address you provide that will be active for 14 days. The name your parent/guardian enters on the contract MUST match the name you enter.


If you already have a roommate in mind, you can search for them within the Housing Application using the "Search for Roommate by Details" function. Upon finding your desired classmate's information, you will need to add them to your room group in order to have a roommate request sent to them for approval. In order to finalize your reciprocal roommate selection, the originating roommate must also verify the final "roommate group". Please note that not all roommate group requests may be honored due to building configurations.

If you don’t have a roommate in mind, we will use the Freshman Lifestyle Questionnaire to help match you with a roommate(s).

Most of you will live in a standard double occupancy room, but Residence Life also assigns some freshmen to singles, triples and quads. Remember that the housing preferences you provide in the survey are only preferences and not guarantees. If you don't receive your preference, it's possible more people made that particular request than there were spaces available. Notification of your housing and roommate assignments are sent in mid-July, along with other information that will assist you in your transition to William & Mary.

Complete Your Freshman Housing Application Now

Additional Information

Should you need to provide us with additional information not covered by the application or if you have any difficulty completing the application, please email [[living]] by May 31, 2020 and include your full name, student number, and the specific concern or request.

More housing questions?

Everything you need to know (and more) can be found on the Residence Life website.