Financial Aid

Review by June 10

As a public university, William & Mary works hard to keep the cost of our exceptional education affordable, and we commit our resources to need-based aid. If you have what it takes to be a William & Mary student, the Financial Aid Office will use all available aid sources to help meet as much of your need as possible. Through a combination of financial aid options - including grants, loans, and Federal Work-Study - we will make every effort to keep your loan debt as low as possible. 

Student Loan Acceptance

The student loan process will open on July 1, 2020. Students will need to accept their student loans in Banner Self-Service via myW&M in order for them to show against your first billing statement. 

Finalize Private or Parent Loan Funding

Should you need to acquire additional funding to fulfill any balance owed on your fall 2020 eBill, mid-July is the time to seek out funding from either private sources or the Direct Parent PLUS Loan program. Please note that you MUST have a current FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office before they will certify a Parent PLUS Loan.

Settle Your Student Account

To avoid any student account holds that would prevent completion of the fall semester course registration process, ensure you have your account settled by August 15, 2020. If you need to set-up a payment plan or secure additional loans, make sure to complete those processes well before your campus arrival for Orientation.

Student Employment

The Financial Aid Office coordinates employment opportunities available to students on campus. You don't need Federal Work-Study in order to work on campus. However, keep in mind some employers may have limited funds and might only be able to employ work study eligible students.

If you have general questions about your financial aid package or availability, please contact the Office of Financial Aid located in Blow Memorial Hall.