College Studies

A handful of short activities designed to help students better navigate the William & Mary academic experience.

Your students are introduced to the excitement and rigor of university-level study over the summer, before they even set foot in a classroom. Our College Studies short course introduces them to the liberal arts and helps them begin planning how to shape their first two years. The course also introduces key concepts of information literacy, such as how to sift through information, figure out what's useful and reliable, and then responsibly shape that information to serve their goals.
We encourage your students to approach College Studies as an opportunity to take ownership and responsibility for their academic plans. On average, it takes them 5-7 hours to complete. They are expected to do this work independently, but they won’t be alone. Current W&M students who serve as peer advisors will be available for questions and feedback as they complete the short course. 
While peer advisors work with your students over the summer, their pre-major advisors will meet with them during Orientation to help finalize their fall schedules. William & Mary embraces the faculty-advisor model; our professors are familiar with the academic landscape, and their knowledge will help students make informed decisions. They can also steer students toward a variety of useful campus resources.

If you have any questions, contact Academic Advising at [[advising]].