Sikander Z.

Area: Transfers & More

About Sikander
Sikander (ESTJ) is a rising senior hailing all the way from the Lone Star State of Texas and is double majoring in Government and Philosophy. While he hopes to attend law school so that he can push off the real world for another three years, in another life Sikander would be an architect (think Burj Khalifa or houses made of shipping containers) or he would be a producer for a top 40 artist (peep his Soundcloud tho). A ride or die Chipotle fan, he was the first one through the doors after they reopened post E. coli scandal. Having watched both The Wire and Game of Thrones three times, beginning to end, Sikander treasures his cousin’s subscription of HBO-Go. Frequenting Swem only for the massage chairs, Sikander can be spotted around campus sporting his “iconic” athleisure™ look. An audiophile and an avid lover of hip hop music, he keeps an ear to the ground for newly released albums and is constantly updating his G.O.A.T. list.

Aside from being an OAD, Sikander is a member of a social fraternity, tutors with Lafayette Kids, and also serves as a Senator in the Student Assembly. Prior to being an OAD, he has served as an Orientation Aide for transfer, St Andrews, exchange, and non-traditional students for the past two years. Sikander loves political discussions, San Antonio Spurs Basketball, and all things orientation! Above all else, Sikander finds joy in making people laugh and learning about people’s experiences,
passions, and interests!