Hannah Malowitz

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About Hannah

Hannah is a current junior at the college, hailing from Connecticut (where real bagels come from). You can often catch Hannah power walking across campus, determined to make it from a Public Policy class in Tyler Hall to a Management class in the Mason School of Business in under 10 minutes. Hannah loves to take advantage of everything that the College has to offer.

Some of her meaningful involvements include being a member of a social sorority and a director of Lafayette Kids, where she mentors students in the Williamsburg community and gets pummeled in kickball on the daily. She also spent the summer of 2017 expanding her tastebuds and adventuring as she crossed off a country on her bucket list studying abroad in India. Hannah’s role model is her mom, as she taught her the importance of trashy television and Netflix binge watching. One of her proudest accomplishments is completing all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill in just 2 weeks. When making decisions, Hannah often considers what her dear friends Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope would do. When asked what brought her to Williamsburg, Virginia, her only real answer is that Rory Gilmore definitely would have applied here. Hannah’s other passions include looking at pictures of her puppy Roscoe, reminiscing about disney channel original movies, pretending she doesn’t drink coffee as she sips on a soy vanilla latte, and making to-do lists. Before she graduates, Hannah hopes to visit
every pancake house in Williamsburg (in case you didn’t know, there are a lot).

Hannah has been a part of New Student Orientation since her Sophomore year as an OA for Yates (insert crowd screaming here) and Botetourt (cue the Botestomp). As a freshman, she was extremely overwhelmed by the sea of neon shirts that is orientation, but now she could not imagine her life without it. Hannah is thrilled to be a part of the 2018 orientation experience, excited to welcome the Class of 2022, and cannot wait to drive a golf cart around campus.