Claire Kartoz

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About Claire

Claire Kartoz is a member of the Class of 2019, with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Policy. She somehow still maintains a positive outlook on life, in spite of our impending environmental doom. #SaveTheBees. Claire is originally from the Bagel State, also known as New Jersey. Although she will never cease complaining about the lack of NY style pizza and bagels, she continues to have a huge crush on William & Mary.

In addition to welcoming new students during orientation, Claire enjoys shouting about how great our community is at prospective students under the guise of “tour guide”. Among friends, Claire is famous for being the last kid in the pool at Club Swim practices and spending too much time on the Terrace. According to BuzzFeed, if Claire were a cheese she would be a tangy, sharp cheddar. Having obtained her boating license at 12, Claire look forward to conquering her next motor vehicle challenge by whipping around in a golf cart during orientation. After being an Orientation Aide for two years, Claire is thrilled to be able to focus on bringing a sense of home and purpose to all new members of the Tribe.