Abhi Chadha

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About Abhi

Abhi Chadha is a second-year student from Ashburn, Virginia. He is planning on
studying Finance with a potential minor in Computer Science, but would major in 10
different subjects if he could, much to the frustration of, well, everyone in his life.
Abhi started his sophomore year off by being an Orientation Aide in the Botetourt
complex. He was notorious for not knowing the Botestomp and getting his students
to move by yelling “Let’s go!” and clapping his hands obnoxiously.

Abhi was recently reelected as a Senator for the Class of 2020 in Student Assembly,
which has led to every one of his friends shouting “Senator Chadha” when they want
to get his attention, no matter where they are. He is a member of the International
Relations Club, most recently helping put on the high school Model United Nations
conference as an Undersecretary-General. Finally, he is a member of Griffin Bhangra,
a South Asian dance team. This was a last-ditch attempt to get his hands and feet to
move in a synchronized fashion. The jury is still out on whether it worked.

Abhi loves long walks in nature, watching The West Wing yet again, traveling
anywhere in the world, and drinking great cups of tea. On campus, you’ll find him in
Swem Library, at the Daily Grind, or loudly conversing with someone on the Terrace.
In Abhi’s free time, he is learning to cook without causing a serious kitchen accident,
take quality pictures of everything and anything, and to keep his voice under a
certain decibel volume. He can’t wait to welcome all of our new students this Fall!