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Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC)             
General Topics            
Where can I find the current Travel Forms?

All Travel Forms are located on the Travel Website at

Where can I find the Lodging and Meal Per Diem Rates for the area to which I intend to travel?

Lodging and Meal Per Diem Rates for the contiguous 48 states can be found on the Travel Website at

Which reimbursement documents must be originals and when are copies allowed?
  • The Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV), the Business Meal Voucher, and the Moving & Relocation Summary must be original documents as these documents require original pen and ink signatures for reimbursement.
  • All receipts must be originals unless they are internet receipts or certified copies (this is a copy of a primary document that has on it an endorsement or certificate that it is a true copy of the primary document).
  • Items such as hotel folios, internet receipts, credit card statements, and other documents that are used as documentation to back-up the reimbursements may be copies.  If a Travel Advance is requested, the Bursar's Office must have the original TA.  Only a copy of the TA is required for Travel reimbursement.
Are all AP reimbursements direct-deposited?

AP reimbursements will be automatically direct-deposited for employees (staff and students) who are on payroll direct deposit.  Non-employees not on direct deposit will still receive checks but checks may no longer be mailed to campus or temporary addresses - only to the home address on record.  For Students living on campus, the campus address is their home address.

What are the general requirements for a proper receipt?

A proper receipt should indicate (1) the type of vendor, (2) the individual items purchased, (3) the date of the purchase and (4) the amount of the purchase.  College Policy requires all receipts to be original and itemized and indicate proof of payment.  Should the receipt lack proof of payment, other documentation such as a copy of the credit card statement or canceled check must accompany the receipt.  If the Traveler loses an original receipt or an original receipt was requested but not provided, an attempt must be made to get a replacement receipt and a Misplaced Receipt Certificate (MRC) must be submitted.  The MRC must be authorized by the individual's supervisor and submitted with the reimbursement.

Do we have to have a receipt for purchases under $75?

The College requires that original, itemized receipts be turned in for all expenses.  However, for transport, tolls or parking receipts under $75, a receipt is not mandatory.  If you do not have receipts for these items but are asking for reimbursement, the non-receipt reimbursement amounts must be explained in the date description line for the appropriate  travel date and "no receipt" should be noted on the TERV so auditors don't spend time hunting for receipts that do not exist.

What common Travel expenses are disallowed?

The following common expenses are not allowed under State funds:  Snacks or refreshments,  Flight Insurance, Car Rental Upgrades & all Rental Options (including GPS and Prepaid Fuel Plan), Laundry charges, In-Room Safes, Valet Parking (unless there is no self-parking option), Retirement or other Employee parties, Holiday Decorations, Gifts and Flowers, and Charitable Contributions.  Should the department wish to approve disallowed expenses for reimbursement, the expenses must be coded to Local Funds and follow guidelines per the policy.

What are the College guidelines for Tips?

The maximum tip allowed for transport (taxi, airport shuttle, bus, etc.) is 15% under State Funds. Tips in excess of 15%, not to exceed 20% are allowable under University Local Funds. The maximum tip allowed for meals is 20%.

Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC)             
What documentation is required for uploading to WORKS for travel and business meal expenses charged to the SPCC?

Charges to the SPCC for travel or business meal expenses require the same documentation that’s required for travel and business meal expenses submitted on a reimbursement voucher.  No exceptions.

When we reconcile the department's SPCC that includes charges for business meals, is it required to include the completed and approved SPCC Business Meal form as documentation?

It is mandatory to include the SPCC Business Meal form as back-up documentation.  You are required to upload in the works system an itemized receipt and disclose all 5 components of the SPCC business meal form including the justification and approval for a meal that exceeded the per diem allowance.  Note:  Meals that exceed 200% of the allowance cannot be purchased with the SPCC.

Why do I get an email from BOA that states some of my transactions have been flagged?

The Travel Office reviews SPCC transactions for compliance and proper coding of expenses.  If a transaction violates College Policy or is coded incorrectly, a flag is placed on the transaction which alerts Procurement that the transaction is not within guidelines.  Should the cardholder receive too many flags, Procurement may review for card suspension or termination.

If a faculty member purchases books at a conference because they are less expensive than if he had his department order using the SPCC card, will he get reimbursed?

Yes.  Purchasing via the department's SPCC is recommended.  However, the traveler may receive reimbursement with proper justification.  The Expenditure must have occurred during travel status.