How do we handle a Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV) or Business Meal voucher for someone who does not have a Banner ID?

Every individual must have a Banner ID number.  To create a new Banner ID, a COV Substitute W-9 Form must be prepared which includes the Social Security Number, Address and Signature of the individual.  For Foreign Nationals, if they do not have a US Social Security Number, a W-8 form must be completed instead of the W-9.  The COV Substitute W-9 or W-8 must be submitted to  The voucher cannot be submitted until the department receives  a Banner ID for the individual from the AP Office.

When a professor is on sabbatical or other assignment and will not return to campus for long periods of time, is another employee allowed to sign the professor's voucher on their behalf?

Signing a voucher on behalf of another is only allowed for guests.  College employees must sign their vouchers.  Special approval may be given to an employee to sign on behalf of another employee if the employee will be gone from the campus over 30 days.  These situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be brought to the attention of the Travel Office to request an exception to the rule prior to signing/submitting the voucher.

Can a guest sign the prepared voucher and email the scanned copy of the voucher back to the department?

Reimbursement vouchers require original pen and ink signatures.  A scanned copy of a signature is not acceptable unless there are extreme circumstances.  For non-employees, you may get the traveler's written permission to sign on their behalf and sign for them using the format "[your signature] + for [traveler's name]".

What back-up documents are needed for a TERV for travelers who have attended a Conference or Training Seminar and what codes do I use?

For Conference or Training Seminar reimbursements, in addition to the TA and the Original Itemized Receipts, a copy of the detailed conference agenda is required.  Most conferences create a Program Agenda which shows each day's schedule and includes breaks and meals.  It is this “Daily Schedule” Agenda that should be submitted with the TERV.  This is used to verify any meals provided by the conference.  All Conference expenses (mileage, airfare, per diem, lodging, etc.) must be coded to 712270 (Conference Expenses) except the conference registration fees which must be coded to 712240 (Registration Conference Material).  Membership fees paid with Registration must be coded to 712210 (Organization Memberships).

What information should be included in the main Description field on the bottom right of the TERV?

The Description field located at the bottom right section of the TERV is mandatory and must include (1) the Business Event (ex:  conference or seminar title) or Specific Business Purpose (ex: name of research project, etc.) and (2) the City/State or City/Country location where the business took place.

Which expenses should be included in the "Other" column on the TERV?          

The "Other" column must include all expenses except Mileage, Airfare, Per Diem and Lodging.  Rail & Bus tickets, Car Rentals and other transportation (other than mileage and airfare), baggage expenses and business meals must be recorded in the “Other” column.  Note:  receipts for multiple days such as car rentals and parking must be shown on the TERV per day.

Why do business meals during travel have to be put in the “Other” column instead of in the Per Diem column on the TERV?

The Per Diem column is strictly for individual meals.  Meals for groups of people must be separated out into the “Other” column.

When someone attends a conference strictly as a presenter, not an attendee, do we need to attach the agenda?

The conference agenda is only required when the person attends a conference (they usually pay registration).  If the individual goes to the conference strictly to be a presenter, you must check the "Presenter" option on the TERV.  If you check the "Conference" option, an agenda is required.  When you check the Conference option, you may code all expenses to 712270 except Registration (712240).  If you check the Presenter option, you must code each of the expenses under their appropriate account codes for meals, lodging, etc.