Travel Reimbursement


Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)
Reimbursement Process for Travel Expenses
         • For Day-Only Travel
         • For Overnight Travel in the Contiguous U.S., including Overnight Travel within Virginia
         • For Out-of-Country Travel, including Alaska and Hawaii

Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)

State Travel Regulations require the use of the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher to itemize travel expenses for reimbursement. All travel expenses, including small amounts, such as tolls and parking when using a State vehicle, must be submitted on a Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher. The different columns of the Travel Voucher provide for proper presentation of travel data. Complete the voucher showing dates, expenses, miscellaneous items and any other information that support the reimbursement request.

Attach all appropriate receipts and supporting documentation to the original copy of the Travel Voucher and have the Traveler's Supervisor and/or Department Designee sign the original copy.

Travelers requesting reimbursement for other than their own lodging expenses must include the name and identification of each additional person with a justification for payment. Each traveler must submit a reimbursement request for his or her own meal expenses in the amount of the appropriate per diem. Travel expenses for individuals (spouses, friends, etc.) or employees not on official business for the Commonwealth are inappropriate State expenditures.

Document any request for exceptions beyond the requirements of this procedure. Attach the documentation to the voucher and identify the requested exception on the Travel Voucher, referencing the attached documentation.

By signing the travel reimbursement request, the traveler is certifying the accuracy of all information and the legitimacy of the travel.  The signature of the traveler’s supervisor certifies that the supervisor agrees that the travel was necessary and the requested reimbursements are proper.  Travelers are responsible for the legitimacy and presentation of supporting documentation included with the Travel Voucher.  The traveler and the College are responsible for legality, legibility and completeness of the voucher.

Travelers must submit a completed Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher to the supervisor for approval within (60) working days after completion of the trip. In the case of continuous travel, the traveler must submit the voucher to the supervisor within 60 working days of the last day of travel for which reimbursement is requested.  However, employees on continuous travel must request reimbursement at least monthly.  The traveler's supervisor must approve and submit the voucher to the Office of Accounts Payable within three (3) working days of receipt.

Reimbursement Process for Travel Expenses

You may request reimbursement only for those goods and/or services that were paid using personal funds.  If a CWM purchasing tool was used to make the purchase, you may not request reimbursement.

Note:  Reimbursement will not take place until after the travel has occurred.

To be reimbursed for anything other than travel expenses, please see Reimbursements Policy. To be reimbursed for any travel expenses (mileage, parking, tolls, hotel expenses, etc.), you must complete a Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher form and submit the signed form, along with all original receipts, to Travel Accounts Payable within 60 DAYS of your return from travel.  Traveler’s signature date and designee’s signature date should be within three (3) working days of each other.  The TERV should be submitted to Travel Accounts Payable for processing within three (3) working days of receipt from the employee.

Submit the following to Travel Accounts Payable based upon the type of travel listed below:

For Day-Only Travel
  1. The completed and signed Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV).
  2. Any receipts for which you are requesting reimbursement (not just registration forms). Note: Meals are not reimbursed for day-only travel, regardless of leave and return times. Please see Per Diem and Business Meals for further explanation.
  3. The completed Travel Authorization form with all appropriate signatures if day-only travel exceeds $500.
For Overnight Travel in the Contiguous U.S., including Overnight Travel within Virginia
  1. A copy of the completed and signed Travel Authorization Form with appropriate signatures.
  2. The completed and signed Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher.
  3. An original, itemized lodging receipt that shows the daily rate, taxes and a zero balance due (see Per Diem and Lodging Rates).
  4. Any RECEIPTS for which you are requesting reimbursement. Do not include food receipts. For overnight travel, you should claim a per diem for meals (see Per Diem and Lodging Rates).
For Out-of-Country Travel, including Alaska and Hawaii

Refer to the Out-of-Country Travel section for instructions, rates and restrictions. Unallowable Miscellaneous Expenses include the following and will not be reimbursed: lost or stolen articles; alcoholic beverages; damage to personal vehicle, clothing or other items; movies charged to hotel bills; all expenses related to personal negligence, such as fines for parking or services used to gain entry to a locked vehicle; entertainment expenses; towing charges for personal vehicle; contributions; donations; charges for spouse, children and companions; personal needs such as medication, refrigeration (even for medication), hotel safe or other conveniences. The above list is not all inclusive.

Remember that accounts are open to the public and must be able to sustain the test of public review.