Frequently Asked Questions


What must I do when I intend to share a room with someone to reduce costs, but the room rate exceeds the Per Night Lodging Allowance for the area?

It is important to understand that the room rate allowance provided within College Policy is a per night rate, NOT a per person rate.  Regardless of how many people are sharing the room, if the lodging rate exceeds the allowance, additional approvals must be obtained.  If the rate falls within 200% of the allowance, the department must complete and approve the Lodging Exception Request on the TA.  If the rate exceeds 200% of the Lodging Allowance (rare occurrence), approval must be obtained from the Assistant VP for Financial Operations.  This can be done by sending an email request to the Travel Office at .  The request must be sent a minimum of 10 business days prior to travel and include the Traveler's Name, Arrival/Departure dates, Hotel Name and Location Address of the chosen hotel, and similar information for 3 comparable hotels within a 5-mile radius of the chosen hotel.  Note:  The Travel Office can provide a simple format to use for the over 200% Request.  Please ask for it.

When room-sharing with another employee and requesting reimbursement for their share of the lodging expense, but the other employee is from another department or College, what documentation is required?

When asking for room-sharing reimbursement, each traveler must attach a copy of the hotel folio to the TERV.  If each traveler is asking reimbursement only for their share of the lodging expense, the traveler's name must appear on the folio.  If the traveler's name is not on the folio, they must submit proof of payment (cancelled check, credit card statement).  If the traveler paid the person whose name is on the folio, they must provide a written statement from the person whose name is on the folio that verifies the amount paid.

What needs to be done if the lodging rate has exceeded the State allowance on a direct-bill invoice from the hotel?

Effort should always be made to get government rates at a hotel.  If, however, the invoiced lodging rates exceed the College Policy allowance for the area, a memo approving the hotel rate up to 200% of the allowance and authorized by the department designee should be attached to the Vendor Payment Request.  This applies to all travelers including incoming guests of the College.

When room sharing, the State allows an additional cost for the 2nd person.  Does this policy include spouses?

The room-sharing regulation per College Policy pertains to rooms rented for business purposes only and therefore would not include room-sharing with a spouse.  The State will not reimburse travel costs for spouses or children under State funds.

Why must Lodging information be provided if I'm not asking for Lodging Reimbursement?

The Meals Per Diem rate is based on where you spend the night.  If you are asking for Per Diem reimbursement, lodging information is required to verify the rate of Per Diem for the overnight location.  If a folio cannot be located, you must include documentation for the arrival/departure dates, the hotel name and the lodging address complete with zip code.