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Moving and Relocation Training


Moving and Relocation (M&R) Training classes - Sadler Center.

Full Description

Moving and Relocation (M&R) Bi-Monthly Training classes will be held on the following dates at the Williamsburg Professional Centre, 1314 Mt. Vernon Ave (acorss the street from School of Education). The Training will review College Policy and Forms for M&R travel and provide tips for preparing M&R Reimbursement and Vendor Payment vouchers. Training workshops are limited to 10 attendees

2/16/2017 10:30AM-NOON https://forms.wm.edu/29812
4/18/2017 10:30AM-NOON https://forms.wm.edu/29814
6/21/2017 10:30AM-NOON https://forms.wm.edu/29816
8/22/2017 10:30AM-NOON https://forms.wm.edu/29818
10/25/2017 10:30AM-NOON https://forms.wm.edu/34174