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Travel Advance


Who May Receive an Advance
Approval and Forms
Delinquent Advances

Who may receive an Advance

Staff members traveling on College business may obtain a travel advance if they meet the conditions described below. This travel advance is a College service to employees to cover out-of-pocket travel expenses that are expected to be reimbursed to the employee from College accounts. It is not provided for expenses that can be charged on a College direct billing or paid directly by the departmental credit card.

Approval and Forms

Employees may not approve their own travel advance.  The Travel Authorization form must be approved by the department authorized designee before the travel advance request is delivered to the Accounts Receivable Office.   All travel advances require the signature of the Accounts Receivable Manager on the Travel Authorization form.  The minimum amount allowed for travel advances is $100.

Travelers must use the Travel Authorization Form to obtain a travel advance.  All original Travel Authorization forms must be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office at a minimum of 10 days prior to the beginning trip date listed on the Authorization Form in order for funds to be guaranteed.

The travel advance is a direct loan to an individual and must be repaid in full by that individual.  Repayment of the travel advance is not contingent upon the employee receiving full travel expense reimbursement from the College.  Any travel that is lost or stolen is the responsibility of the borrower as there is no College liability.


Students, guests, non-salaried appointees, members of boards and committees, interviewees, or others do NOT normally receive advances even though all or some of their travel expenses may be reimbursed.  Exceptions may be approved by the department designee in instances where the best interests of the College are clearly served by issuing the advance.  These travel advances are the responsibility of the department authorizing the advance.

Delinquent Advances

The travel advance is considered delinquent if it is not repaid within 60 days of the trip completion date.   All delinquent travel advances will be subject to payroll deductions and the individual traveler will be ineligible for future travel advances until the past due travel advance is paid in full. 

Any exceptions must be approved by the Accounts Receivable Manager.

For additional guidance please see our Travel Advance Policy.