Vendor Invoices

It is the responsibility of the Accounts Payable department to ensure that vendors supplying goods and services to the College are paid in a manner consistent with the Commonwealth of Virginia's Accounting Policies and Procedures, which includes ensuring compliance with the Prompt Payment Act.

When a college department submits a request for payment to a vendor, the Accounts Payable department must audit those requests to ensure that expenditures are properly authorized and coded properly with the correct account numbers and object codes.

To further streamline the acquisition of goods and services, departments are encouraged to use the Bank of America VISA Small Purchases Card.

All expenditures from College funds must be necessary, reasonable, and directly related to the goals and mission of the College. All persons authorizing expenditures should be mindful that such expenditures might be subject to scrutiny by State authorities, sponsors, auditors, and other interested parties. To ensure prompt payment, departments and activities should appropriately explain and document all expenditures.

Departments must follow procurement guidelines to obtain goods and services. Refer to the Office of Procurement for general procurement requirements.

NOTE: An individual's failure to adhere to these procedures may result in the individual being held liable for any unauthorized expenditure made.

College policies and procedures related to expenditures may be based on State or Federal rules or guidelines by the College administration in fulfillment of its responsibility for the prudent management of all resources.

The general policy of the College is to apply the Commonwealth's expenditure guidelines and limitations to all transactions irrespective of fund source.

Control Responsibilities
  • Accounts Payable Department
    • Perform the final audit review of state and local expenditure vouchers and transactions prior to actual payment.
    • Process all requests for payments for goods and services for the College and VIMS to ensure compliance with the appropriate rules and regulations.
    • Communicate policy changes to the College Community
    • Provide training to departmental employees on policies and procedures effecting disbursements
    • Provide information to departments and vendors regarding payments
    • Serve as a resource to all departments regarding payment processing
    • Maintain all original source documents
  • Department Responsibilities 
    • Perform timely processing/submission of vendor invoices (must be submitted to AP for processing within 15 days).
    • Maintain proper documentation for all expenditures (see note below)
    • Initiate proper procurement actions
    • Communicate with vendors of invoicing requirements and prompt payment act
    • Must secure W-9 Forms from vendors when required
Note on documentation: In general, most documentation related to accounting transactions is retained by the Financial Operations Department. However, with some payment processes, the department, unit or service center is responsible for the collection, audit of expenditures, and safekeeping of accounting source documents. Some examples of processes where the department and/or unit retains the source documents are Purchasing Card transactions, deposits on-line and billings generated by service centers.