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Travel Policy Changes, January 1, 2015


New Travel Regulations become effective January 1st, 2015.

Full Description

The Financial Operations Department would like to announce to the campus community that the Travel Policy has undergone significant changes that will affect Travel Reimbursements.  The New Travel Regulations become effective January 1st, 2015

Travel Policy Summary
  • Reimbursement for lodging is limited to actual expenses incurred up to the per diem amount.
  • Lodging rates can be found per location using the Tier III Restructured Policy Per Diem Calculator located at http://www.perdiemcalc.net/va-restructured/ .
  • Department Head is authorized to approve reimbursement for lodging up to 200% of the lodging rate when circumstances warrant.  Proper justification and explanation must be attached.
  • Direct Billing is allowed.           
  • Submit original itemized hotel bills obtained at time of checkout; showing a $0 balance.
Meals and Incidental Travel Expenses
  • Meals and Incidental rates can be found per location using the Tier III Restructured Policy Per Diem Calculator located at http://www.perdiemcalc.net/va-restructured/.
  • Meals and certain incidental travel expenses are reimbursable on a per diem basis (not actual expenses) for overnight travel. The M&IE per diem rate claimed must correspond to the location specified for the overnight lodging.
  • When meals are provided at no cost in conjunction with travel events, the applicable M&IE per diem reimbursement rate shall be reduced by the applicable meal allowance.
  • Direct Billing of individual meals is prohibited.
  • Miscellaneous expenses that are not covered by the incidental fees and are reimbursable when allowed. 
Business Meals
  • Business Meals must follow the rates described in the Tier III Restructured Policy Per Diem Calculator.
  • Identify the number of people fed, if less than 10, list all names and affiliations; list the bona fide business purpose for the meal.
  • Any amount over the per diem allowance must be approved by an authorized approver up to 50% above the allowance.
  • Meals above the 50% of the applicable per diem rate is prohibited.
  • Original itemized receipts are required.
  • Must use Non-Travel Business Meal Form located on the WM Travel website at http://www.wm.edu/offices/financialoperations/travel/formsandpolicies/index.php.
  • Employees are permitted to use their personally owned vehicles only when a rental vehicle is not available or when the use of the POV is cost-beneficial to the College.
  • The College has the authority to reimburse at a lesser rate when an Employee elects to use their personal vehicle as a matter of convenience.
  • Employee must prepare the Rental Car Mileage Calculator to evaluate the most cost-beneficial mode to the College.  The Calculator is located on the WM Procurement website at http://www.wm.edu/offices/procurement/procurement_processes/required_preferred_purchases/enterpriserentalcars/index.php.
  • When using a rental vehicle State employees must:
  • Decline rental insurance.
  • Any vehicle upgrades must be reasonable and necessary.  Justification for upgrades must be provided.
  • Under no circumstance shall the traveler accept the pre-paid fuel service agreement with the rental car company.
  • Public Transportation from place of lodging to restaurants is not allowed; only for official business.
  • Reimbursements for first class air or rail travel are prohibited.
  • Traveler must provide confirmation of expenses indicating the type of travel (coach or economy).

Travel vouchers should be submitted to Authorized Approver within 30 days and must be submitted within 60 days.
Travelers who do not plan with careful consideration to these guidelines will bear the additional expense personally.