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Official Timesheet Policy, effective May 01, 2016


Effective 01-May-2016, this policy establishes procedures pertaining to the Payroll Administratively Approved Timesheet process.

Full Description

I.        PURPOSE

This policy establishes procedures pertaining to the Payroll Administratively Approved Timesheet process.


The College requires that all employees complete their timesheets accurately and timely as an integral component of the payroll process.  Supervisors identified as “timesheet approver”, referred hereinafter as “Approver”, have the responsibility to approve and submit timesheets by the established deadlines.


All employees and their designated Approvers are responsible for ensuring  timesheets are submitted and approved via  Banner Self-Service no later than the published due dates in order to accurately record all hours paid, and for the proper accounting of work  and leave time.  

Timesheets that are submitted by employees but not approved by their designated Approvers by the established date will be administratively approved by the Payroll Department.  The administratively approved process imports the unapproved timesheets into the Banner payroll process ensuring the employee is paid and leave time recorded.  However, the hours worked have not been reviewed and approved by the approver at that time. 

The College of William and Mary requires all time sheets to be verified and approved by the approver.   After the Payroll Department administratively approves timesheets, Approvers and their Supervisors will receive emails outlining their responsibilities to verify and confirm the hours reported by the affected employees on the timesheets and/or to submit corrected timesheets for affected employees to the Payroll Department.  The email will include the type of hours worked and/or leave taken and associated hours for each employee affected as reported on the Administratively Approved timesheets for that Approver.

Approver’s Responsibility:

  1. Approvers are required to review and verify all timesheets via Banner Self-Service that were administratively approved in the payroll process.
  2. If a correction is necessary, the Approver and the affected employee must complete a manual timesheet {link} and submit it to the Payroll Department immediately and notify Payroll staff via email that a corrective manual timesheet is being submitted.
  3. If no corrections are required, respond to the email certifying that the time reported in the email for each affected employee is correct.

Approver’s Supervisor Responsibility:

  1. Approver’s supervisor must ensure the approver understands his/her responsibility to approve timesheets in a timely manner.
  2. The Approver’s supervisor must ensure the Approver reviews all administratively approved timesheets and sends certifying email within 7 days of receiving the email from the Payroll Department.

Payroll Department Responsibility:

  1. Payroll Department will follow up with Approver’s supervisor and copy the Approver if no response has been received within 7 days of the email being sent.
  2. Payroll Department will provide senior management with a quarterly report listing any Approvers that failed to provide the certifying email within 7 days during that quarter.


The Payroll Department interprets this policy and shall revise or eliminate any or all parts as necessary to meet the changing needs of The College of William and Mary with the approval of the Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration.