Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)


Polluted storm water runoff is often transported to municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) and ultimately discharged into local rivers and streams without treatment. Common pollutants include oil and grease from roadways, pesticides from lawns, sediment from construction sites, and carelessly discarded trash, such as cigarette butts, paper wrappers, and plastic bottles. In 2003, The Commonwealth of Virginia issued William & Mary an initial MS4 permit which set forth the minimum requirements for the operation of the University's storm sewer system to include the storm water treatment systems which are referred to as best management practices (BMPs).  The MS4 permit, which is re-issued every five years, requires the University to submit an annual report to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality by October 1 of each year.

MS4 2013 Registration

William & Mary MS4 Permit

FY16 MS4 Annual Report

FY16 MS4 Annual Report Attachments

FY17 MS4 Program  Plan

FY 17 Illicit Discharge Report